Muge Karagoz's old-fashioned web page

(Contents last updated 1/29/2021)

Hello! (You can call me Dr. M)
Please check my linkedin, UMD Physics directory and UMD FIRE SPD pages for more information. Thank you :)

The SPD mascot, the Chameluon (designed by SPD 2019 summer fellows), and I would like to invite you to have a look at what SPD does in more detail, below.

If you would like a simple snapshot of what I aim to do with my wonderful students, the first poster is for you.
If you are after details, the second poster (AAPT SM2020 presentation) is for you.

If you'd like to see UMD CMNS news highlights of my students here are some links (many thanks to UMD CMNS and Physics!):

If you would like to know why what we do matters, here is a collage from multimedia products my amazing SPD 2020 students created..

For an animation summary of what I aspire to do in my course, please have a look at the video created by my 9-year old:

For an informational video on HEP's COVID-19 relief efforts, please have a look at what my amazing students prepared in Summer 2020:

I thank UMD FIRE, UMD CMS, UMD Physics department, and CMS Collaboration.
I thank GitHub for their generosity with their support with GitHub Education.